How to Tattoo: A-Z



This is basically the Bible of tattooing. Written by the legend Huck Spaulding.

Tattooing A to Z was written to share with you what Huck learned through many years of first hand experience. Don’t expect this book to make a master tattooist out of you in a few days, but what you will gain from it may have taken you years to find out. From set up and maintenance of machines to setting up your own shop, Tattooing A to Z, A Guide to Successful Tattooing is a valuable tool for anyone starting out in the business. We hope that it gives you the information you have long been searching for.


Part I – Equipment
Chapter   1 The Right Way
Chapter   2 Tools of the Trade
Chapter   3 Machines & Power Supplies
Chapter   4 Setting Machines
Chapter   5 Holding Machines
Chapter   6 Setting Tubes
Chapter   7 About Needles
Chapter   8 Needle Making

Part II – Sterilization
Chapter   9 Skin
Chapter 10 Sterilization
Chapter 11 Sterile Techniques

Part III – Artwork
Chapter 12 Tattoo Designs
Chapter 13 Stencils
Chapter 14 Lettering

Part IV – Tattooing
Chapter 15 Outlining
Chapter 16 Shading
Chapter 17 Coloring
Chapter 18 Cover-Ups
Chapter 19 Tattoo Review

Part V – Medical
Chapter 20 First Aid
Chapter 21 Bandages

Part VI – The Shop
Chapter 22 The Tattoo Studio
Chapter 23 Prices and Selling
Chapter 24 Business Practices
Chapter 25 Cosmetic Tattooing



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