Problems Ordering?

If you are having troubles with your shipping, you may not have chosen your shipping options on the cart totals page at the beginning of the checkout process.

To go back to the first page of checkout you must click on the cart icon or if you’re on your phone choose the cart option in the drop down menu.

When you go click on the shopping cart after choosing the items for our order, you will be taken to the “cart totals” page. You must enter your province, city, and postal code and click on “calculate shipping” to generate your shipping options. Then you must choose between regular, express, and priority. Once this is done, you can proceed to checkout and enter the rest of your details and payment info.


Billing/Shipping address

Please make sure that your billing address is correct. That is the address where the bill for your credit/debit card goes. The shipping address is where you want it to be shipped. If your billing address does not match the address associated with your credit card, your order will not get processed.

Thank you