The following are guidelines that will help your care for your new tattoo. If your artists specifies different methods, trust that their method works best for the tattoo they have given you.

  • Your new tattoo will have a bandage on it. You should wear this for a few hours before taking the bandage off, removing it the next morning at the latest. If you’re bandaged with Saniderm or a similar product, ask your artist what their recommendations are when they apply the bandage.

  • When you take the bandage off, make sure to give it a thorough wash with unscented pump soap (avoid already used bar soap) and warm water.

  • Over the course of the next few days you will notice that your new tattoo will get quite stiff, dry, and will begin to scab over. Tattoos in this stage often become quite itchy. Do not scratch and do not pick, it will affect the look of your tattoo and potentially cause infection.

  • Don’t let folks touch your tattoo, until it’s healed and try to avoid it yourself. It just isn’t a good idea, hands are gross.

  • If the itch is too much, use a small amount of unscented lotion or tattoo aftercare product like Hustle Butter or Tattoo Goo to moisturize and provide relief. Apply any lotions or aftercare salves sparingly.

  • Don’t allow for your tattoo to be exposed to direct sunlight. This means no sunbathing and trying to keep your tattoo shielded with loose clothing for a couple weeks when venturing out into the sunlight.

  • Don’t swim, bathe, or take extended showers. Soaking your tattoo/scab is a terrible idea if you want it to heal properly. Stay out of the tub/pool/river/lake/ocean until your tattoo is healed and keep your showers quick.