Is it Vegan?

There’s a nasty rumour that persists that the majority of tattoo ink out there is not vegan, containing animal parts or byproducts. However, this is simply false, and the opposite is actually the case in this modern age. This rumour comes from the fact that pigment in a lot of paints, drawing inks, and cosmetics do in fact contain animal parts or byproducts, and some of these drawing inks and cosmetics have been used throughout history for the purposes of tattooing.

The majority of reputable tattoo ink manufacturers make inks that, certified or not, are vegan. While non-vegan inks are out there, in the 21st century they are far from the standard.

The folks at Bite Size Vegan were awesome enough to do the research for you, so you can actually make some informed decisions if this is something that concerns you. The vast majority of inks we carry at Studio One are guaranteed by the manufacturers to be vegan.