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Tattoo Inks And Ink Caps
The original National Triple Black can be used as a lining ink and tribal as well.
It can also be diluted down into greywash.

1 Oz $10.95
2 Oz $19.95
8 Oz $59.95
If you do a poor tattoo it will be bad advertising for the rest of your life.
Take the time to do even lines, soft shading and bright colours the first time.
You owe it to yourself and your friends.

Bone needles and ochre pigment in caves makes some archeologists believe cavemen were doing tattoos. They were probably making whoopee too. To decorate ourselves is basic human nature.

Grab Bag Super Deal
1 OZ Bottles
You pick one colour and the rest is an assortment.

3 Bottle Pack $18.95 Grab Bag Only

10 Bottle Pack $59.95 Grab Bag Only
Not Returnable
I haven't seen much bad ink but I have seen some bad tattooists. Move slow, overlap your movements to touch each spot twice. Stretch the skin. Be conscious of the angle your needle is at. Be honest.
Years ago tattoo ink only came as powder. You had to mix your own. Basically Listerine was used to mix tattoo ink. Listerine works great. It's an antibacterial agent mainly being alcohol. I've never seen mould grow in a bottle of Listerine, have you? If a guy was getting fancy he could add a little glycerine to the mixture. This would make the ink creamier and it would stay wet longer. So basically some pigment, some Listerine, and a drop of glycerine and you could make ink as good or better than any fancy named ink today. After we mixed the ink we'd let it sit overnight and if the ink separated from the solvent so you could see a quarter inch of solvent on the top, that was the right consistency. If I could not see the separation I added a little more mix. If there was too much solvent I would pour off a little until there was a quarter inch.
Intenze Tattoo Ink
intenze tattoo ink

INTENZE  54 Colours Set

This set includes: Rose Pink, Banana Cream, Bahama Blue, Baby Blue, Creamsicle, Carol's Pink, Lavender, Peach, Platinum, Sea Foam Green, Snow White Opaque, Snow White Mixing, Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Soft Orange, Hard Orange, Bright Red, Dark Red, True Magenta, Light Magenta, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Mario's Blue, Mario’s Light Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Light Brown, True Black, Dark Chocolate, Medium Brown, Bright Orange, Bamboo, Flesh, Sunburn, Cherry Bomb, Lollipop, Sienna, Flesh Pot, Fuschia, Koolaid, Grape, Periwinkle, Blue Sky, Aquamarine, Teal, hunter green, Dragon Green, Grasshopper Green, Lime Green, Silver, Coco, Mustard and Tangerine.
Available in 1 OZ Only
American Rose, Aqua, Aquarium, Army Green, Auburn, Bark Brown, Black Cherry, Blue Silver, Bright Sunshine, Bulls Blood, Chestnut, Clay, Coral, Dark Salmon, Deep Indigo, Desert Sand Light, Desert Sand Medium, Desert Sand Dark, Dijon, Dirty Beige, Dodger Blue, Earth, Eggshell, Flower Child, Ginger, Golden Rod, In The Spring, Kakao, Maroon, Maroon Honey, Midnight, Midnight Green, Milk Chocalate, Mocha, Monocle, Moss, Mud Green, Ocean Blue, Ochre, Olive, Papaya, Patty's Orange, Persian Blue, Persian Red, Pink Panther, Purple Silver, Raw Umber, Raw Umber Light, Red Cherry, Royal Blue, Rubber Doll, Ruby Red, Rusty Brown, Salmon, Sand, Sangria, Soldier Green, Steel, Sunset, Swamp Green, Sweet Candy, Swimming Pool, Titanium Silver, Tyler Blue, Will's Olive, Yellow Orchid.

Intenze Tattoo Ink Colours
1 OZ Bottle
2 OZ Bottle
All 54 Colours 1 OZ Bottles
All 54 Colours 2 OZ Bottles
Intenze Tattoo inks
Intenze Inks
Bob Tyrell
Set of 6 1 Oz Bottles
Intenze Tattoo ink
Sumi black tattoo liner ink
Intenze Zuper Black
Extra Thick Tribal Ink
12oz.   $39.95
2 Oz $16.95
1 Oz $9.95
Intenze Black Sumi
Liner ink
12oz.   $48.95
Intenze Sumi Greywash
12 Oz $39.95
STARBRITE Tattoo Ink Colours
1 OZ Bottle
2 OZ Bottle

Black Lining

Tribal Black

Bright White

Country Blue

Bubble Gum Pink

Crimson Red
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Battleship Grey
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Chocolate Brown
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Alley Cat Black
Turbo Black
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Deep Violet
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Beer Gold
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Deep Blue
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Deep Burgundy
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Deep Green
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Deep Magenta
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Deep Purple
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Deep Turquoise
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Midnight Blue
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Golden Yellow
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Lime Green
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Light Red
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Royal Blue
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Buckskin Tan
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
True Green
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Venetian Brown
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Yellow Ochre
Banana Cream
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Skin Tone
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Rain Forest Green
Camouuflage Green
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Grape Ape
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Grassy Green
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Canary Yellow
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Deep Maroon
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Scarlet Red
Starbrite Tattoo Ink
Powder Blue
Baby Blue

Steel Blue

Keep your thumb on the red tip
Always shake your ink well. There is nothing in ink to keep the pigment suspended.
So you must shake it well or you'll get the thin stuff at the top.
This is very important, don't think it's not important.

Ink is made of naturally occuring elements such as carbon for black, iron oxide for red and brown, or copper based elements for green and blue. For instance iron oxide will not break down into something else or rot. It does not expire on the expiry date. That is just a number on a bottle. Most ink is pigment, astringent and glycerin. The pigment is something like iron oxide. For astringent alcohol, withchazel or Listerine are often used. In other words ink is mixed with something that does allow bugs or mould to form. If this is done, your ink is good for thousands of years. Glycerin is used to make the ink thick and stay moist. It is called a wetting agent. If an ink gets dry after a long time, take a few drops of Listerine or our mix and refresh it. It will be as good as new.

Suluape Black Samoan Tribal Tatau Ink
sulupe black
12 Oz Bottle $39.95
The black tatau ink that passed the test of time. INTENZE teamed up with the Suluape Tatau family of Samoa to create a tattoo ink so perfect for tribal tattoos that you’d think it was crafted by the Samoan’s themselves. Now you can also trust that the ink is safe and reliable as well as beautifully dark and easy to use.

Suluape Black tattoo ink comes in a 12 oz bottle and is intended to give you the maximum richness AND detail that you’ve come to expect from INTENZE Tattoo Inks.

Quote from Petelo Suluape:

“I've been tattooing since I was a young man, using traditional inks. Now, so many years later, I can honestly say that Suluape Black is the best black for traditional or general tattooing that I have ever used. It is a sacred thing to attach my family's name to a tool used in tatau, and it is an honor to have worked with INTENZE to make Suluape Black a reality.”
- Petelo Suluape

Quote from Peter Suluape:

"I was very fortunate to work closely with Mario and the team at INTENZE to create the perfect ink for tatau (traditional Samoan tattoo) and contemporary tribal tattoos...and this is it...I am very happy and extremely proud for Suluape Black to be a part of the INTENZE family... I have been tattooing for more than ten years, with our traditional formula.

Tattoo ink has come a long way over time, and now, combining the old world with the new, Suluape Black by INTENZE is by far THE best ink in the industry for both traditional and modern tribal tattoos. Its quality is unsurpassed! Suluape Black by INTENZE gives my work a unique radiance and because it's INTENZE, I know that my clients are completely safe. "
Peter Suluape

Silverback XXX Black, Black, White
Available in 4 Oz Bottles

Use clear to thin blacks and make your own washes
4 Oz Bottles$14.95

Silverback Grey Wash X Series Set
Silverback Ink - FRESH
4 Different Pre-Made "Fresh" Wash Values
Consistent from Lightest to Darkest
Set of 4 Shades $29.95

Silverback Ink - MOLD
4 Different Pre-Made "Mold" Wash Values
Consistent from Lightest to Darkest
Set of 4 Shades $29.95
silverback grey wash
Silverback Ink - GREY WASH
4 Different Pre-Made Grey Wash Values
Consistent from Lightest to Darkest

Set of 4 Shades $29.95
Spaulding VooDoo Brand Tattoo Ink Colours
1/2 OZ Bottle
$7.95 each
2 OZ Bottle
$15.95 each
Spaulding VooDoo Colour Dispersions Sampler Packs
VooDoo Colour Dispersions Sampler Packs tattoo ink kit 1
VooDoo Color Dispersions Sampler Packs tattoo ink kit 2
VooDoo Color Dispersions Sampler Packs tattoo ink kit 3
voodoo tattoo ink kit
National Homogenized
1 Oz Bottle $10.95
2 Oz Bottle $18.95

national homogenized tattoo colors
National Homogenized Colors
Mixing And Dispersing for Dry Powder Inks

Witch Hazel + Dispersing Solution

Witch Hazel
Color Mix

12 OZ Bottle $5.95
Dispersing Solution
With Glycerine

1 Quart Bottle $19.95
Premixed Witch Hazel and Dispersing Solution
Does not discolour white

2 Oz $7.95
4 Oz $12.95
To make shading ink simply take your black and thin it with mix.
1 Oz 75% Black - 25% Clear
1 Oz 50% Black- 50% Clear
1 Oz 25% Black - 75% Clear
This will give you all the basic shades of black and grey wash.

pelikan black
Pelican Black
Real traditional tattoo ink
8 OZ $54.95
2 Oz $14.95
1 Oz $7.95

Pelican India ink has done more tattooing than any other ink in history. In the good ole days and yes I was there, guys would take a pot and pour the Pelican into it. They would let it sit overnight until a lot of the solvent had evaporated. This would thicken the pigment and the ink became very black.

Talens Drawing Ink
14 OZ Bottle $48.95
2 Oz $16.95
1 Oz $9.95
Tattoo Ink Accessories

Wide Base Ink Cups
18 MM 3/4"
100 Pack
15 MM 9/16"
100 Pack
10 MM 7/16"
100 Pack
18 MM
500 pack
15 MM
500 pack
10 MM
500 pack
disposable tattoo ink cups
Plastic Caps #9, #16 #22
# 9 100 for $3.95 500 for $8.95
# 16 100 for $3.95 500 for $8.95
# 22 100 for $4.95 500 for $11.95

Stainless Steel #9 and #16 Ink Cup Holder

Stainless Steel Multi Cap Holder
# 9 and # 16
needle jig

TA12 Cap Holder $12.95

Holds 5 small caps. Made of black anodized aluminum
Dimensions: 2" wide x 2" long X 1/2" high

Plastic Cap Holders

Made of clear polished plexiglas and comes in four sizes. cap holders #5023, #5025 and #5029 feature a pop-out hole underneath for quick removal and easy cleaning. Our holder #22 is also ideal for mixing.

#5023 Holds one #16 cap $8.95
#5024 Holds five #16 caps $10.95
#5025 Holds four #9 caps $8.95
#5029B Holds one #22 cap $10.95

SS Ball Bearing Beads 1/4"
Helps Mix Ink When Shaking
Pack of 10 $4.69

SS Ball Bearing Beads 5/16"
Helps Mix Ink When Shaking
Pack of 10
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